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Vörunúmer: E39673001

TECEdrainprofile drain "flat", DN 40 side drain
Drain for TECEdrainprofile shower profile, for installing in screed, for connection to the side of a DN 40 drain pipe. With factory fitted and clickable Seal System sealing sleeve, to create a DIN 18534 compliant connection of the composite seal.

Min. Installation height 65 mm (bottom edge of drain to upper edge of screed)
Drainage capacity ≥ 0,48/≥ 0,56 l/s (to EN 1253 with 10/20 mm build-up above the profile lid)
Sealing water height 30 mm
Removable odour trap
Integrated screed anchor
Factory fitted, clickable and flexible sealing sleeve with Seal System
Fits prefabricated sound insulation strips
Protective construction cover
Sliding/mobile seal for connection with TECEdrainprofile shower profile and to compensate structural tolerances

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Tegund Niðurfall
Gerð TECEdrainprofile
DN 40 mm
Lengd 458 mm