Karfan þín er tóm



Vatn & veitur is an Icelandic importer of material for water distribution, heating, plumbing and sprinkler systems.
We only import products that have been proven to be of highest quality and fulfill international quality and security standards.

The Company was founded in 2010 as a family run business and has specialised in sales and services to water distribution companies and professional plumbers.
In 2017 Johan Rönning ltd. took ownership of the business and merged it with Efnissala G.E. Jóhannsson wich was founded in 1978 as a contractor- and plumbing importer and was incorporated in 1984.

In 2021 Johan Rönning ltd. merged with its parent company Fagkaup ltd.

Today Vatn & veitur is operated as a brand wich operates stores on two different locations and is a part of Fagkaup ltd.


Vatn & veitur is a part of Fagkaup ltd. KT nr. 670169-5459, VSK nr. 11784