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Vörunúmer: E2577211700

TECE SLQ Rær 17 x 3/4" Eurokon

TECEfloor SLQ Eurocone clamping ring connection
Clamping ring connection with defined limit stop to prevent overtightening, with plastic clamping ring to protect the pipe surface from scratches and score marks, Eurocone compatible with SLQ heating circuit manifold, O-ring and clamping ring keyed to SLQ radiant heating pipes, with nickel-plated union nut Rp 3/4" and Eurocone, marked with system ID and dimensions.
SLQ quality-monitored, tested for compatibility and component of the DIN CERTCO certified TECEfloor pipe systems:
3V423 MVR (P)/3V355 PE-Xc/3V377 MVR (M)