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Vörunúmer: E399330005

TECEprofil bidet module for wall-mounted bidet, installation height 820 mm
To attach to TECEprofil section tubes or to install in metal or wooden stud walls and as pre-wall or corner module.

Completely pre-assembled unit, consisting of:
Self-supporting, powder coated assembly frame and two adjustable supports for floor constructions between 0-200 mm
Two M 12 retaining bolts and nuts
Continuously height-adjustable drain connection
Connection bend DN 40/50, with rubber collar, nominal diameter 30/50, (also acts as seal), incl. protective plug
Two depth-adjustable module attachments

In combination with telescopic attachment 9380001 it can also be
fitted in a TECEprofil pre-wall for installation height 980 mm.

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Gerð TECEprofil
DN 40/50 mm
Stærð 820x500x145 mm
Hæð 820 mm
Nafnmál 30/50