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Vörunúmer: E393601102

TECEdrainpoint S 112 drain set extra-flat with Seal System universal flange and stainless steel grate frame
Floor drain set TECEdrainpoint S 112 horizontal, extra-flat DN 50, stainless steel grate frame with stainless steel grate and two-stage membrane odour trap.

Consisting of:
Drain body DN 50 horizontal, extra-flat, made of plastic (PP)
With universal flange for connection of composite seals in accordance with DIN 18534 or clamped flange connections
With integrated ball joint
With lateral inflow DN 40 incl. closure plug
With removable 2-stage membrane odour trap
20 mm sealing water and additional sealing lip membrane
Drain top with grate frame made of plastic (ABS) and O-ring seal
Grate frame made of drawn stainless steel, material 1.4301 (304), for grate dimensions 100 x 100 mm
TECEdrainpoint S design grate made of drawn stainless steel, material 1.4301 (304), dimensions 100 x 100 mm, polished surface, load class K3 (load up to 300 kg)

Drainage capacity to EN 1253 at 10/20 mm water level over grate:
With minimum height of the drain top: 0.51/0.61 l/s
With maximum height of the drain top: 0.56/1.23 l/s

Delivery incl. protective cap, protective foil for on-site protection during construction, and assembly instructions.