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Vörunúmer: EIPLAST60

Rafsuðuvél IPlast 60

Welding with an I Plast 60 control unit means to join safety, reliability and working continuity,key points for IPlast range.
The efficient internal control system of the equipment verifies constantly all welding parameters, giving assurance about the optimum joint implementation, no need to cooling down internal parts even working without stop.
Furthermore, the output circuit has been designed to protect you from potential risks, allowing you to weld in total safety.


  • Able to weld fittings up to a diameter of 400mm
  • Duty cycle @20°C: 100%=50A / 60%=70A / 30%=90A
  • Degree of protection IP54. The casing design, performed with the most modern technologies ensures, by a cooling fan, an excellent cooling down of electrical part.