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Upplýsingar um vöru

Vörunúmer: EIPLAST105

Rafsuðuvél IPlast 105

IPlast 105 belongs to a last generation equipment born to make electrofusion welding of pipes and fittings, to be used in water and gas fuels, more secure.
This new hdpe electrofusion welding machine has been designed to keep under control the whole welding process and to take-out all risks connected to the job, reducing your tasks only to the preparation of materials.


  • Able to weld fittings up to a diameter of 1600 mm
  • Able to deliver a constant power of 65 A for 6 hours or 105 A for a maximum time of 1400 seconds
  • Safety output current system  powered by a double insulation transformer with galvanic separation for maximum work safety at job site.