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Vörunúmer: EA1F00050

Loki E3 Hawle Flangs DN150 PN25
EN 558-1 GR 14
Þyngd: 40 kg


Resilient seated gate valve with smooth, straight-through bore

Hawle E3:

  • Double bayonet O-ring carrier is connecting the spindle to the bonnet, allowing a fully encased, uniform epoxy powder coated bonnet for further improved corrosion protection
  • Wedge guide made of wear resistant POM material in load optimized design minimizes attrition and ensures lowest torque actuation
  • Wedge is flexible and fully linked in vulcanized elastomer to the wedge nut. This snug fit dampens vibration during opening and closing of the wedge
  • Wedge nut has a long thread length allowing significantly higher torques than the standard before breaking
  • O-rings, lip-seals mounted in the bonnet are replaceable under operating pressure
  • Extended edge protection to avoid damages during transport, storage and assembly
  • Sliding disks and ball bearing assure low friction performance of the spindle
  • 100% suitable for buried installations
  • Suitable for cleaning with a cleaning pig
  • One extension spindle for several dimensions
  • Suitable for operation by automatic actuators
  • Easy refitting for position indicator and automatic actuators on the standard bonnet (DN 50 to DN 200)
  • To set-up an actuator or a position indicator, remove the centering flange and insert position indicator or actuator with adapter (DN 250 bis DN 400)


  • Resilient seated gate valve according to EN 1171, EN 1074-1 and EN 1074-2 with smooth, straight-through bore

Flanges sized in accordance with EN 1092-2, drilled according to

  • EN 1092-2 | PN 10 standard (4000E3, 4700E3);
  • EN 1092-2 | PN 25 (4010E3*, 4710E3*)
  • EN 1092-2 | PN 16 from DN 200 (4000E3, 4700E3)
  • Please specify on order - other standards on request

Face-to-face length acc. EN 558 GR 14

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Flokkur Hawle lokar og brunahanar
Gerð Hawle E3 Loki
DN 150 mm
PN 25
Þyngd 40 kg