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Vörunúmer: E10600170

Glópuð Sía

Stærð: 3" (80mm)


Rapidrop Figure YSG175 Strainers filter out the dirt, rust, and other debris in the water flow protecting the valves and other equipment in the piping system.
All strainers are equipped with a flanged retainer cap which allows easy access to the stainless steel screen for cleaning.
Rapidrop Figure YSG175 Strainer should be installed horizontally with the cap facing downwards with access to remove the basket/screen.

Nafn eiginleika Gildi eiginleika
Flokkur Sía Glópuð
Tegund Sía
DN 80 mm
Þrýstiþol (PN) 12 Bar
Stærð 3"