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Vörunúmer: EA305030178

Gasloki E3 Hawle DN100 PN16
EN 558-1 GR 14


Soft wedge gate valves with clear cut and free flowing passages in compliance with EN 13774 (EN 1074-1 and 2)
Readily operated without a bypass or power reinforcement – even at 16 bar differential pressure

Sealing system: the wedge rubber profiles close with minimal friction in the body. There is no abrasion and thus no wear of the sealing body

The special wedge guide in wear-resistant plastic ensures lowest wear and tear and minimum Operation forces, suitable for frequent actuation at differential pressures of up to 16 bar

Oversized spindle nut with threads, withstands enormous operating torque

100% suitable for underground Installation

Roller bearing as a spindle bearing ensures minimum operation torque (DN 250 - DN 500)

Standard model: without handwheel and extension spindle

Model variants: with position indicator No. 4005STE3

Flanges measured and drilled to EN 1092-2. Standard PN 10. Please indicate PN 16 when ordering.

Temperature range: operation: -10° C to 50° C
Bearing: -25° C to 70° C

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Flokkur Hawle lokar og brunahanar
Gerð Hawle E3 Gasloki
DN 100 mm
PN 16