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Vörunúmer: E16270129Z

Flangsi með Grópuðum suðustút
Stærð: 4"
Litur: Rauður

Rapidrop Grooved couplings and fittings are used in assembly of grooved piping systems. They are available in painted and galvanised finishes and are FM, UL and VdS approved. The Rapidrop type 321 PN16 grooved flanges are pressure rated to 225psi and are used where a connection to flanged pipe is required. They can be used in standard and thin walled pipes.

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Flokkur Sprinkler & brunavarnir
Gerð Flangsar
Stærð 4"
Litur Rauður
Nafnmál 100
Utanmál 114,3 mm