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Vörunúmer: E028620369

Einstreymisloki Quatrix-K DN150 fyrir Skólp ACO


  • Only 12 mm gradient difference
  • Only 71 cm installation opening without reverse gradient
  • Optimum for renovation
  • CCTV camera accessible
  • Pneumatic measurement system for fault-free operation
  • Made of plastic
  • For installation in exposed pipes
  • Type 3F tested to EN 13564
  • With double backflow safety valve
    • With 1 automatic operating seal
    • With 1 manual emergency valve
  • With large cleaning and maintenance opening and test pipe
  • With ready to plug in, electrical control unit IP 54 with integrated 4-week self-monitoring
  • With visual and acoustic backflow signal
  • With emergency power supply
  • With floating contact for remote messaging
  • Motor is flood-proof IP 68 (3 m, 24 h)
  • Cable length: 5 m (extension to 30 m possible)
  • Connection pipes made with spigots in the factory

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Flokkur Einstreymisloki
DN 150 mm
Þyngd 9,1 kg