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Upplýsingar um vöru

Vörunúmer: E39300000

Innbyggður Tece WC kassi fyrir upphengt salerni.

Stærð 1120x500x150 mm.

Öll Tece þrýstispjöld passa á þennan kassa.

10 lítra hljóðeingraður vatnskassi þar sem hægt er að stilla vatnsmagn í skolun.

Hæð er stillanleg.

Toilet module including “easy fit” flush plate installation and conduit to connect electronic shower toilets. For fitting to TECEprofil section tubes or for installation in metal or wooden stud walls and as a pre-wall or corner module; also suitable for single block assembly.

Uni cistern for front actuation:

- Safety tank made of impact-resistant plastic, tested to EN 14055
- Cistern fully pre-assembled and sealed.
- Cistern connection with outer thread R 1/2" at the side, compatible with quick adapters
- 10 litre tank volume; 6 litre pre-set standard flush volume, 4.5/7.5/9-litre flush volume can be set at any time; 3-litre partial flush volume for dual-flush system; remaining volume can be used for immediate cleaning flush.
- Insulated against condensation water
- For TECE flush plates and toilet flush handle
- Can be used as a single or dual-flush cistern
- “easy fit” flush plate installation
- Installation tunnel for service opening, can be shortened without tools
- Low-noise hydraulic filling valve, fitting group 1 according to DIN 4109

Module frame:

- Self-supporting, powder-coated
- Two M 12 retaining bolts and nuts
- Toilet drain bend DN 90 with joint adapter DN 90/100, made of PP
- Joint adapter also suitable for horizontal installation
- Toilet connection set DN 90
- WC connection box including shell protection and conduit for universal shower WC connection (check position), with junction box and cover for transformer.

Nafn eiginleika Gildi eiginleika
Tegund Salerniskassi
Gerð TECEprofil
Stærð 1120x500x150 mm
Hæð 1120 mm
Breidd (B) 500 mm