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Vörunúmer: E39300009

TECEprofil toilet Geronto module, with Uni cistern, in accordance with DIN 18040-1, installation height 1120 mm
Toilet module for the installation to TECEprofil section tubes or to flush-mounted profile walls or in front of a solid wall. For barrier-free construction with raised ceramic mounting. Module with lateral steel frames and conduits for cable laying including mounting materials.
Safety support arm = 760 mm

Partially pre-assembled unit, consisting of:

Uni cistern for front actuation:

Safety tank made of impact-resistant plastic
Cistern completely pre-assembled and sealed
Cistern connection with 1/2" inner thread
10 litre tank volume; 6 litre pre-set standard flush volume; 4.5/7.5/9-litre flush volume setting option at any time; 3-litre partial flush volume with dual-flush system. Remaining volume can be used for immediate cleaning flush.
Insulated against condensation water
For TECE flush plates, toilet electronics and toilet flush handle
Can be set as a single or dual-flush cistern depending on the flush plate used
Certified in accordance with EN 14055
Fitting group 1 in accordance with DIN 4109
Low-noise hydraulic filling valve

Module consisting of:
Self-supporting installation frame, powder-coated
Two adjustable supports for floor projections of 0-200 mm
Two M 12 retaining bolts and nuts
Eight depth-adjustable modular attachments
Four multi-clips for attachment to a TECEprofil wall
Lateral steel frames to hold the steel plate sets
Toilet drain bend DN 90 incl. joint adapter DN 90/100 made of PP
Joint adapter also suitable for horizontal installation
Toilet connection set DN 90, including protective plugs