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Vörunúmer: EMJB0004442

Samtengi Hawle Syno2000 DN100-110 PN16
Þyngd: 10,16 kg

Specially developed for repairs or expansion of existing networks using plastic pipes

  • Easy assembly and disassembly (superior mechanical connection, no welding, minimal assembly and disassembly forces)
  • System 2000 - approved from external Institute | 100 YEARS EXPECTED LIFETIME


  • The Syno2000 can be used as a sliding connector upon removal of the pipe stop ring (Note: when used as a sliding connector chamfer the pipe firstly)

System 2000:

  • Using a lip seal ring for sealing the pipe allows for easier insertion of the pipe into the System 2000 socket
  • The pipe restraining system is required for pushing the pipe into the seal and chamfer with an appropriate tool

Learn more about reliable System 2000 pipe connections in our Hawle Knowledge blog.


  • The Synoflex socket system provides high quality restraint connections to all common water supply pipes. The patented Synoflex secures steel, DCI, PE/PVC and AC* pipes with fully corrosion protected connections
  • Flexible gasket
  • Flexible Synoflex grip ring
  • Tension locks corrosion resistant. Each support element in the grip ring holds a tension lock element
  • Bolts reversible 180°
  • Angle compensation max. 8° (+/- 4° each socket)
  • Support element and grip element are pressed into one another. The grip elements does not fall off as a result of inserting of pulling the pipe out
  • Warning! A restraint connection between Synoflex and asbestos cement pipes can’t be confirmed. Removal of the grip ring is not necessary.

Learn more about reliable Synoflex pipe connections in our Hawle Knowledge blog.


System 2000:

  • Suitable for PE pipes 80/100, EN 12201, DIN 8074
  • For PVC pipes according to EN ISO 1452-2
  • For PE pipes with thin walls (≥ SDR 21) and low internal pressure we recommend using a support liner


  • According to EN 14525
  • For restraint connections with PE pipes (PE ≥ SDR 17), a support liner No. 6035 is required

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Flokkur Hawle fittings
Gerð Synoflex tengi
Þvermál DN100-110
DN 100-110 mm
Þrýstiþol (PN) 16 Bar
Stærð DN 100-110