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Vörunúmer: EF13040

ISO2 TÉ-Tengi 40 POM PN16

With sockets for PE pipes


  • For PE pipes according to EN 12201-2 and DIN 8074, up to PN 16
  • The HAWLE ISO pipe fitting is the easiest way joining polyethylene pipes
  • The ISO pipe fitting is suitable for use in drinking water area up to a temperature of 30 °C
  • The gripping and sealing functions act only the o.d. of the pipe; thereforce only one fitting is required for all pressure ratings up to PN 16
  • The function of the ISO pipe fitting is clear and simple; the O-ring is made of elastomer and seals well even when the pressure is nil, because it is compressed onto the pipe
  • As the water pressure and pipe tension increase, the sealing and grip rings are compressed further into the conical chamber, thus increasing the sealing and gripping effect
  • The joint is flexible and the fitting can be turned on the pipe without affecting the grip or seal. Assembly the fitting is quick and simple and can be dismantled if required.
  • This design has been well proven for many years in water distribution and is used in pipelines with pressures up to PN 16 (also in vacuum situations, with support liner)
  • In POM fittings all internal threads are strengthened with a stainless steel ring

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Gerð ISO2 T-Tengi
Þvermál 40-40-40 mm
PN 16